7 Tips for Determining Product Market Fit

product market fit
product market fit

Do you own a new startup and are trying to determine if your product fits the current market? Many successful startups use concept strategies to determine if their product will work with consumers. Consider observing your product in the product-market fit concept. Keep reading to learn some startup tips to determine if you have achieved product market fit. 

What is Product Market Fit?

Product-market fit means being in a good market with a product that satisfies the consumer. 

Product-market fit is usually tied with customer satisfaction, industry standings, and the value of the product. If your product positively relates to the market, it is more than likely to have a product market fit. 

1. Product Selling Faster than You can Make it

One of the easier ways to tell if you have a product-market fit is to sell it faster than you can make it.

Having a waitlist or being sold out should always be considered a good thing. However, a flexible mindset is important when you are in this situation. Although it is good to be sold out, you want to quickly turn around and sell more products to the excited consumers.  

2. Profits are Increasing

If you notice that profits are increasing at an exciting level, then you most likely have achieved product-market fit.

It is important to watch the product and make sure that the profits are either growing or staying the same. You do not want to see profits declining.  

3. Growing Press Coverage

Having a growing press coverage is another way to determine if your product fits the market and is selling to the customers.

The press wants to talk about what is popular with consumers. So, growing coverage will reach more people, and you should expect your product to continue selling at a high rate.  

4. Word of Mouth is Spreading

Word of mouth is a cheaper and easier way to promote your product. Beginning the web of word of mouth is simple. Tell your friends, family, and social media platforms about your product and hope they tell others. 

If you notice that word of mouth is spreading without you having to do anything, you have achieved product-market fit. 

5. People Want to Invest in the Product

People investing in your product can come from various avenues. 

Successfully pitching your product to investors can help you understand that you have a product-market fit. People approaching you wanting to invest in your product is a sure way to determine that you have achieved product-market fit. 

6. Positive Reviews

Customers leaving positive reviews on your products are always a good thing. Like word of mouth, positive reviews will help your product to reach new customers. 

When the product promotes itself with positive reviews, you know you have reached product-market fit. 

7. Hiring More People Quickly

Needing to hire more people to sell your product is great for your company. However, expanding employment without a high turnover rate can help you realize that your product fits within the current market. 

Learn More for Your Startup

Understanding the importance of product market fit will help you determine if your product fits into the current market of consumers.

If you want to learn more tips and strategies for your startup, check out our website.  

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