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Ryan Vet | President at Newchip

Let’s get to know him:

Ryan joined the Newchip family three months ago and has made some pretty tremendous impacts in that short time. Originally hired on behalf of his exceptional marketing skills, Vet has taken on a new leadership role. Ryan is an entrepreneur in every aspect of the word- and has been since he was a kid. He has experience in founding, venture capital, non-profits, angel investing, public speaking, and writing. 

5 Quick Q’s with Ryan:

1) What was your first-ever entrepreneurial experience?

Ryan: “My first entrepreneurial endeavor was truthfully a lemonade stand. That then morphed into a bike and car wash, which then turned into a line of trading cards and then a neighborhood newspaper all landing in my first official company, a multinational marketing agency.”

2) What’s so great about working for a startup?

Ryan: “I love creating, imagining but also take vision and affixing it to a tactical plan to execute and scale. Out of the now 8 startups I’ve been a part of, each one is full of unique challenges and opportunities, and surprises around each corner. They are crazy hard work but ultimately so rewarding.”

3) Why did you join Newchip?

“I joined Newchip at a critical inflection point. As we continue to scale, I’m honored to take on the role of president and help provide the infrastructure and mechanics by which we can continue to impact so many startups worldwide. The team here is incredible and I count it a privilege to be working alongside so many talented, innovative, and entrepreneurial teammates.”

4) What’s a BIG goal you have for 2021?

Ryan: “A big goal this year is to continue on two main constants in business and life: people and time. I want to leverage my time effectively to best care for and support the people in my life personally and professionally. Time is moving forward with it without us and I want to make sure that the time I have with the relationships I’ve been entrusted with is maximized. It’s about being present and engaged and thinking more highly of others than myself.”

5) When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Ryan: “Oh man, I think I wanted to be a barista at Starbucks. I actually applied a couple of times and never landed the gig. Now I own a couple of craft beverage lounges, one down the road from my house. The team there still laughs at me when I try to go behind the counter and make a drink. But I at least get to live vicariously through the teams there.”

BONUS Q: What is your favorite post-work activity?

Ryan: “WINE! I’m a trained sommelier and a craft beverage aficionado. I love introducing others to the wonderful world of wine. Fun fact, in an average year I taste between 500-1,000 different wines every single year. For the record, most of those are spit out in a proper tasting fashion, so I don’t consume near that much. Join me on Vivino to see what I’m tasting and reviewing — I’m a Vivino featured user and am ranked in the top 150 wine raters! Feel free to check out some of my wine courses on Udemy too!”

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You can read more about Ryan Vet’s story in Newchip’s most recent press feature here.


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