Newchip - Careers

About Newchip:

Newchip is a meta-search engine marketplace to find and compare investments in startups, real estate, robo-advisors, funds, and cryptocurrencies. Think Kayak or Priceline for investing. We connect our users to investments based on their interest, preferences, and goals via machine learning algorithms.

We're a veteran founding team with decades of experience, numerous acquisitions under our belts, and we're looking for our next rockstar team member. We recently ranked in the Top 50 Global Startups of 2017, are closing a $2 million seed round, and will be launching our full platform in the next quarter.

Our Mission:

Entrepreneurism is the #1 global factor for improving social mobility, creating jobs, improving access to education and healthcare. Our mission is to change the world by connecting the entrepreneurs around the world with the capital they deserve to make their dreams come true and provide returns for their investors.