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Affective Markets

Founder & CEO

Israel, Tel Aviv & New York, US

About Affective Markets

I’m Dr. Dan Gang, CEO and Founder of Affective Markets. We are a team of AI, marketing, and emotions experts. In our team of founders, we also have Prof. Daniel Lehmann, renowned AI expert and Itay Alon former CEO of a big IL Agency. Our company developed an AI-enabled SaaS platform that generates quantitative-emotional consumer insights from data that has strong implications for the fields of marketing and branding.

We are an Israeli startup company expanding to the US and soon when peaceful days will come again, we plan to relocate to NYC. Our main business activity is in the US and Europe with customers, such as Procter & Gamble(we work with them for year and a half and we just signed an annual SaaS agreement with them in Q2, 2020), Colruyt(the biggest retailer in Belgium with huge Private Label department), Mars(US, Food), and Supersmile(US, Dental solutions), Gitam/BBDO (IL, Agency) and others. In our sales pipeline, we have Nespresso, Estee Lauder/Bobbi Brown, Pepsico/Sabra, Whirlpool, Amway, MasterCard global, and more.

I will be happy to send you our Investor or Client Presentations or talk over Zoom. You are invited to visit our website for additional initial information at:

If what we do is interesting to you, let’s talk about how to progress.

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