Bytagig LLC

Bytagig LLC

Cyber Security and IT Service Provider

Portland, Oregon

About Bytagig LLC

Here at Bytagig, we are passionate about small business. We operate under the belief that a business should have proper IT consulting whether they are a small business, entrepreneur, or a startup. Bytagig exists to help small businesses take dysfunctional or outdated tech, and make it functional. We do more than just fix broken tech, we work with your company to enhance your tech/software to best serve your business and utilize unrecoverable time. Our goal is to eliminate non-billable time that you can spend on your clients, growing your business, or spending time with your family. We serve your business through numerous services such as Microsoft office support, IT project management, desktop setup and support, server install and support, and much more. Bytagig works both remotely and on-site in the Portland Metro area — spanning from Salem to Vancouver. We do not specialize in any specific industry, but we have extensive experience with lawyers, contractors, industrial distributors, and professional business.

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