Aesthetics application empowering client safety and professional performance to enhance treatment success.

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Hi Im Rob Ellingham, founder of Client2Clinic, the beauty and aesthetics industry application empowering client safety, professional performance to enhance treatment success.

Having co-founded two successful beauty enterprises and personally experiencing treatment failure, I saw first hand the issues and opportunities at a strategic/regulatory level, an operational level in our own clinics and as a client who simply did not receive all the necessary information to make a well informed decision.

The beauty and aesthetics industry is worth over $618 billion dollars globally with sectors expecting CAGR of 9.8% through to 2028. Market drivers such as increase in demand for non invasive procedures, skin disorders, male uptake and the pandemic fuelling person critique has all contributed to significant industry growth.

However, despite the industries worth, innovation and the software currently employed over 35 woman have died, over 200 woman blinded, and thousands of people severely burnt each day.

Client2Clinic is positioned to disrupt and enhance the aesthetics industry, globally. Our innovative application has been designed to drive treatment success, by shifting the focus from ‘sales’ to ‘safety’. This emphasis has meant there will be a three-tiered benefit industry wide.

For the client, it will serve as their personal ‘aesthetic passport and journal’ affording them total transparency of the clinic, therapist, treatment and equipment used allowing access to their full aesthetic treatment history.

For clinics/salons/spas, it will introduce standardized industry best practice protocols/procedures which will significantly minimise the potential for human error, train/educate staff with a strong focus on treatment safety, performance, and results. Future proofing businesses and protecting clients, globally.

At an industry level it will allow greater regulation through transparency and accountability which I firmly believe opens it up to adoption from Governments globally as a means to provide a much needed and uniformed regulatory framework.

Currently, I have pilot teams located in US, Canada, UK, Australia and South Africa and the MVP due for further testing and market validation in the coming weeks.

Now in the process of building up a quality team to make a significant impact globally.

Skills: Full Stack Development expertise., Looking for CTO interested in disrupting beauty/aesthetics industry. AI

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