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Liveplex helps celebrities, athletes, and people of substantial influence to understand their fan behavior, deliver better and consistent fan experiences and cultivate & monetize superior fan engagement. The platform helps fans and fan clubs create a unified community and organize their activities to support their celebrity, event, show, or brand in a consistent manner. Liveplex provides the tools and support to fans to become creators and monetize their fan art keeping fans incentivized to keep engagement high with the brand.

Liveplex works intimately with fan communities and understands that the deeper the expression of the fans, the more the value of the brand or celeb. Celebs or influencers may have millions of fans but if the fans are not spending time engaging with the activities, creating art, or expressing their affinity -the brand value is fake.

The more the fans of a celeb/influencer engage with them IRL or virtually, the more avenues we create for incentivization of that time and engagement through contact or revenue to the fan; the more value can be assigned to the celeb and the brands they represent, even if they do not have millions of followers.

Skills: Marketing - Other, Sales/Customer Success/Revenue Organizational focus on social or environmental impacts - No Early stage company with fewer than 50 employees- Yes


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