Get in your customer's mind


About mindspeller

Mindspeller helps brand managers “get into their customer’s minds”.

We’re a spin-off from the computational neuroscience lab from KU Leuven, the #1 ranking, most innovative European university according to Reuters.com.

Since our launch in 2016, we have developed the world’s largest implicit brand association map. Our proprietary neuro-metric, which quantifies implicit association strengths, correlates with split second electrical activity in the brain. As such, Mindspeller’s network represents a unique model of the collective subconscious, driving 95% of purchase decision making.

We have obtained proof of market with our Dutch prototype SaaS platform, which uses our map to provide strategic marketing communication decision support.  Our semantic association networks are language based.

We will be launching a 2.0 release update of our SaaS and promoting our English map, which offers a unique model of the collective subconscious customer mind, driving 95% of purchase decisions.



  • access to our co-working space in New York (https://www.belcham.org/atelier/ )

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