From idea to product


About Naya

Have you ever had an idea for something you wanted to create for yourself or market to others that solves a core need? Did you ever try designing or building it? As designers and makers we know how hard it is to turn an idea into a real physical product. Great design is reserved for those with access to select networks and large pockets. Naya is a platform for anyone anywhere to easily bring physical product ideas to life. Naya’s Al enables customers to go from idea to a physical product with on-demand design and fabrication teams. This allows customers to creatively affordably and quickly deliver anything from unique 1-offs to prototypes to small productions. We work with enterprises like Google Ikea and Herman Miller to start-ups kick-starter campaigns and individuals. Naya re-imagines co:creation and democratizes design to create products for our unique and diverse needs.

Jobs at Naya