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Launched in mid-August 2016, PayMe India started providing institutional short-term & quick financial support to the organized sector employees as an option of Advance Salary. The company is a tech-enabled company and has developed various tools and technology to onboard, underwrite, disburse and collect the loan.

Over the period the company has also launched a few more products like “Line of Credit” for business needs, EMI loans, eKYC, and eMandate services, eSign product, and RentPay.

Business Model:

PayMe India provides short-term financial support to the corporate/ organized sector employees to meet their immediate liquidity crunch basis on their average monthly take-home salary. PayMe also validates the social & creditworthiness of a person along with his/her Employers credibility before onboarding him/her as a customer.

PayMe India is operating through two business models:

1. Corporate Tie-ups – Corporate Loans

2. Organized sector employees – Retail Loans

Skills: AI, Credit model, Credit Scoring, Data Science, ML

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