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Raise DM Pty Ltd

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Los Angeles, California

About Raise DM Pty Ltd

RAISE stands for Rapid Access to Information on Safety in Emergencies.  We help save lives, give situational awareness, increase productivity and build a positive workplace culture in the workplaces even in the deskless work space.

We are in discussions with a venture group wanting us to enter the US through Los Angeles. We will need a Sales manager to work in the US. They may initially be involved in day to day sales for a couple of months but will help us to find an 2 strong BDMs in the education sector and will grow the group to 12 BDMs over 3 years.

Our team-care innovations are modular software has undergone validation in enterprise-level Health, Construction/Maintenance, and Educational organisations.  Safe Tap and Go (SafeTAG) automates communication giving users self-monitoring timers with explanatory notes, triggers, alerts and a GPS locator function, providing a simple, digital solution even if you’re physically incapacitated.  Our tool escalates into an emergency management process at any time – managers can broadcast down to their team to deliver guidance during an incident or emergency.  Safety content and first-aid notes are available when off the grid.  We ensure that safety is available 24/7 by integrating across work, public and private arenas.


Company back ground We launched in 2017 in Australia, have an excellent C-Suite level advisory panel and are looking to enter the US ASAP.


  • Base salary + commission or sweat equity

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