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About STAPr

STAPr is an online networking portal that engages and connects professionals, students, mentors, and protégés to share resources, information, and opportunities, leveraging mentorship.

STAPr uses an algorithm that plays matchmaking matching potential mentors and protégés, professionals, and students, among others, based on their respective interests, goals, and pursuits.

STAPr focuses on maximizing the value of networking and productivity by increasing efficiency, prioritizing and channeling information, resources, people, and opportunities relevant to the user’s goals, interests, and pursuits.

STAPr bridges the gap creating a two-way street between:
Student ↔ Student
Professionals ↔ Students
Professionals ↔ Professionals
Business ↔ Clients
Mentors ↔ Protégé
Employer ↔ Jobseekers
Universities & Colleges ↔ Students

STAPr is redefining and enhancing what connecting and networking are in the social networking space.

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