TieSet, Inc.

TieSet, Inc.

AI Innovation Company

SF Bay Area

About TieSet, Inc.

TieSet Inc. is an industrial institute with a research and development base in Silicon Valley that is creating truly innovative paradigm-shifting technologies in interdisciplinary fields of Artificial Intelligence and Distributed Systems, led by research scientists and engineers from world-class laboratories and Ph.D. programs.

Today, cloud-based AI and big data systems face significant challenges but aren’t equipped to meet them head-on. Data privacy has emerged as a global concern, but AI systems utilizing Big Data simply can’t preserve privacy while learning. Similarly, in a world where IoT and device data outpace the speed of bandwidth growth, latency in AI data processing is causing avoidable bottlenecks. TieSet is developing a decentralized federated learning platform that preserves privacy while distributing intelligence to be shared. Because intelligence is created and gathered locally on edge AI devices, TieSet’s low latency platform generates high-quality intelligence without uploading data, enabling AI systems to operate at scale while offline.

Our message is simple enough “creating, distributing, and organizing intelligence around the world“, not big data. We believe that human beings mainly share intelligence, as our brain is not designed to store big data, rather designed to forget unnecessary information. Instead, we create huge virtual intelligence in distributed but collaborative ways. That is the world TieSet envisions for the next generation of technologies: Intelligence is the one that is exchanged over the Internet, not just big data.

That being said, AI is now transitioning from the product of big data to collective Intelligence, and penetrating into a variety of areas of our daily life and work, robotics, healthcare, education, public infrastructure, transportation, smart cities and energies, among others.

Skills: DB skills, Javascript, Python

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