Unna Bakery

Unna Bakery

My Swedish Grandma's Butter Cookies

New York, NY

About Unna Bakery

My sweet Grandmother Rut perfected her Swedish Butter Cookies using only the finest quality ingredients. Growing up in Östersund, Sweden, our family looked forward to her cookies during the traditional afternoon Fika of coffee or tea. Her love of baking is my inspiration, and with these treasured recipes, and the fullest flavored sweet cream butter and Non-GMO ingredients, I’ve recreated the distinctive cookies of my childhood. We’re thrilled to share the flavors and traditions of generations of Swedes with you.

Our cookies are award-winning, Non-GMO and Kosher certified and when many competitors cut costs by substituting butter for palm oil, Unna only use premium butter to stay true to our Swedish flavors, textures and recipes. We are bringing specialty cookies to the general market at an accessible price point.


Foundation Date 2015
Based in New York, NY


  • Non-GMO and Kosher certified
  • Triple award-winner in Great Taste
  • Work with retailers like Whole Foods, The Fresh Market, FreshDirect, Gelson's, Mollie Stone's, Lunardi's, Zabar's etc
  • Women owned company
  • Brings specialty cookies to the general market
  • No preservatives, palm oil or soy in our cookies

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