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The Newchip Accelerator Program was developed to operate like an Executive MBA program, running after work hours each week, and with all of the assignments designed to be done at your own pace.

Traditional classroom-style accelerator programs spend virtually no time teaching founders how to quickly and effectively raise capital. The average fundraising round for startups takes 12 months or more, with only 4% of companies being successful.

The Newchip Accelerator, on average, cuts fundraising time in half and 70% of our graduates are able to successfully raise capital.

Below you’ll find the requirements for each of our accelerator programs, what’s required to graduate, and what you’ll be learning based on your company stage and program: 

The Pre-Seed Accelerator Program™

Program Focus:

  • Raising up to $1M+
  • Growing revenue to $1M+

Program Length:

  • Up to 6 Months/24 Weeks

The Series Seed Accelerator Program™

Program Focus:

  • Raising up to $5M+
  • Scaling revenue to $3M+

Program Length:

  • Up to 6 Months/24 Weeks

The Series A Accelerator Program™

Program Focus:

  • Raising up to $10M+
  • Scaling revenue to $10M+

Program Length:

  • Up to 6 Months/24 Weeks

Program benefits

24-Week Program

6-mo’s full of CEO and startup training, mentorship, and coaching from serial entrepreneurs and veteran investors.

100% Equity Free

Retain full ownership and control of your company because all of our accelerator programs are equity-free.

100% Online Programs

No need to pack your business up and move anywhere – complete the entire program remote and online.

Advisors & Mentors

Our Mentors and Advisors represent the top 3% of entrepreneurs – IPOs, millions raised, M & A – they’ve done it all.

Community Access

An online community of like minded founders, investors, and mentors to learn from and build your network.

Group Accountability

Monthly group masterminds with likeminded entrepreneurs provide accountability to reach your goals.

Connect Platform

6 months of access to our Newchip Connect platform to meet hundreds of new investors, partners, and potential cofounders or talent.

Investor Office Hours

Our IR and Advisor teams host daily Q&A and Office Hour sessions with hundreds of investors and experts each month.

Investor Access

Get in front of 100’s of investors with a strong fundraising plan at our Demo Weeks and ongoing intros to investors throughout the program.

Not Ready Yet? Enroll in Our Bootcamp Pre-Accelerator Course!

Program Focus:

  • MVP Design & Go-to-Market
  • Raising Funding to Build MVP
  • Generating Initial Traction

Program Length:

  • Self-Paced Program

Program Includes:

  • 30+ Hours of Online Modules
  • Pre-Accelerator Community
  • Startup Legal Templates
  • Incorporation Assistance
  • Partner Discounts & Resources
  • Monthly Workshop Access

program CurriculUM

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Meet Our Startups

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“I have never seen an accelerator program that provides so much value and support as much as Newchip. We couldn’t be happier and honored. Thank you to the entire team of Newchip! So much knowledge! Again thank you!”
NADIA ASEEVAFounder, Affoodable
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“We've received massive support, personalized attention and guidance from industry leaders. They truly deliver on what they promise in the world of helping startups grow."
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“As a female founder, we have some barriers to entry. Having the support of the Newchip founders and directors was a great confidence booster, and going into those meetings with confidence has made all the difference. Newchip Connect has also helped us fill the calendar with meetings with investors.”
PIPER COCHRANEFounder, Organic Candy Company
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“Newchip changed things for me, because now I have too many investors that I’m speaking with. I’m still trying to decide which ones are the highest potential. I’m in 2nd and 3rd phone conversations with quite a few investors out there. It’s taking up a ton of my time every day which is great, and I’m very grateful.”
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“Before Newchip, I really didn’t have too much knowledge about how to fundraise. Newchip was very educational for me, as far as showing how to set-up my business on a foundational level to accept funding. I learned how to ‘move differently’, and station my business so that investors would appreciate what I have. My pitch deck was very basic when I joined the Accelerator, but when I graduated it was so much more detailed, and I’ve seen success from that. I formed a very strong relationship with the attorney that has helped me along the way, and I would not have even reached out to that attorney if I hadn’t learned the importance of having a legal partner to navigate certain situations."
BRUCE DUGANCEO, Inicia Incorporated
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“The thing that I have found in Newchip that I never had, despite all my years of being an entrepreneur, is that raising money is an art form. It’s a process, and what Newchip did is it taught me a lot of stuff that I didn’t actually know. Newchip packaged it in a way, and put together a sequence of events that was new to me. Being a process-oriented guy, that’s what I really liked about it. It followed a pipeline that I could run my project through, and I would know where to stop and start to keep moving forward. The people I dealt with were extremely knowledgeable about the things they were knowledgeable about."
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“They are knowledgeable in all the aspects of starting a business and getting investor funding, they helped me and my partners refine our pitch deck to eventually lock down our first investor commit. They are straight shooters and if they don’t know an answer, which is rare, they will tell you and direct to a person who can help. Thanks for all your help!”
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“The Newchip Accelerator focused on fundraising from day one, with most of my one-on-one sessions dedicated to techniques and how to prepare my company to raise capital. All the lessons, tools, and resources in the program, especially the financial modeling templates were fantastic. They also helped me rebuild my pitch deck, which I regularly send to investors, and the feedback has been excellent!”
MICHAEL JARMANCo-Founder & CEO, Turbo Pass
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“I can’t recommend Newchip’s Accelerator program enough! When we started with them, our message around raising capital was not clear and we were getting in our own way! They helped us understand the ‘game’ of raising capital, especially for SaaS Fintech startups like us. I’ve taken tremendous resources from Newchip and their team and some of their investment connections, and they continue to help us well after the program ended. Plus, I had a great group of CEOs who were part of the Mastermind with whom I still stay in touch. We’ve also managed to kick off a successful equity crowdfunding raise on a top platform with Newchip’s help!”
RICK MEDLENCo-Founder & CEO, Garageskins
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“Not only did the Newchip Accelerator program teach me things I’d never learn in the real world about how investors think and how to deal with them on an even playing field, but they pushed, prodded, and pulled us into being truly investment-ready. Big hats off to this team for seeing the massive void that exists between investors and great opportunities, and stepping in to fill that void. Their connections are already paying off big and we are well on our way to completing our $1M Seed round.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Since 2019, we have funded over $450M+ into startups via our network of investors and partner funds. Additionally our executive team has raised millions for the companies we’ve built, invested in, and sold over the last two decades. With a portfolio of 1,500+ we have a success story for nearly every sector.

We launch new cohorts around the 7th of each month 11-12 times per year. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and we interview for multiple cohorts at a time until each one is full. Because we fill up quickly, we recommend that you apply at least 30 days prior to your desired start date.

Our portfolio companies have raised capital from anywhere between $50K to $5M+. What matters most to us is your team and traction, but our primary focus is on startups that haven’t already raised a significant Series A round from VC’s ($10M+ in overall funding).

We invest up to $250,000 into qualifying companies that graduate our program, meet our requirements, and pass our due diligence.

Nope. We are industry-agnostic and consider startups and businesses in most sectors and industries.  However, we do not accept into the accelerator or invest in from our fund companies focused on: weapons manufacturing or distribution, politically affiliated and divisive missions, illegal drugs (to include federally regulated cannabis companies with an exception for cannabis technology), cryptocurrency projects raising money through token sales, as well as any entities which create, promote, or display content which is adult themed or 17+ in nature. We also reserve the right to deny acceptance to any founder at our discretion.

Yes, we regularly accept solo founders. One-person startups are tough and you’re more likely to succeed with a co-founder, so we do highly recommend having one. You might find one in the program or in our network but we’ll help teach you everything you need to know to recruit one.
It’s important for the founding team to have the skills to build their product themselves, rather than outsourcing it to someone else. For most businesses, that usually means you need a technical co-founder. However, in some businesses and locations, this just isn’t possible. For these companies, we recommend outsourcing until you can bring it in-house and we’ll teach you how to do it the right way, both effectively and affordably.

Because we wanted to make the accelerator open to as many great companies as possible, we don’t “automatically” invest in every company we accept. We write term sheets, lead rounds, and invest up to $250,000 into the top companies that graduate our program, meet our requirements, and pass our due diligence.

We also take a warrant option in companies that participate to keep our program equity-free. This gives us the option to invest in you at a set price during or after the program as we get to know you, and you get to know us. We guarantee you can cancel the warrant if you don’t get a single term sheet from an investor within 12 months of graduation.

No. That said, most investors only invest in Delaware C-Corps. We highly recommend you and your team also have some kind of legal operating agreement so that there are no founder issues later when, inevitably, there is some disagreement down the line.
While you can complete the program at your own pace (we recommend 3 hours a week to just keep up), the program modules are rigorous, and the tests are difficult and challenging. You can complete these portions all at your own pace but we won’t just stamp your graduation certificate or let you present at Demo Day for “breathing” – you have to grow, improve and attend mandatory masterminds. Everything in life worth value takes work just because you have an idea, that doesn’t equal free money – you have to learn, apply it, hustle, and most importantly, have grit.
Yes, we’ll still work with you. Instead of trying to build something launchable in three months that can scale quickly, our goal becomes building an impressive proof of concept to take to later-stage investors to raise more money as you may need $10M+ to get your product off the ground.
The worst offenders are that if you join an accelerator everything becomes easy: the accelerator will do all the work for you and you magically get money. The reality is, we’re going to work you to the bone and show you what it takes to succeed, but it’s still in your hands to raise capital, close deals, and succeed. It’s in the name–an accelerator is an accelerant, that means you still have to put in the initial work to start the fire.

Our program offerings are essentially the same for international founders as many want to raise capital from the United States.

While we may not have as many resources in your country, you’ll still be connected to Newchip’s team and resources from around the globe.

Our startup champions and investor relations teams will also work with you to connect you with resources in your home country.

We specifically do well with international founders that have a focus on the U.S. market as we can help you bridge the gap between your country and the U.S.

So far, we’ve had startups from 50+ countries around the world go through our program.

No. One of our core principles is to consider all applications equally. We don’t rely 100% on introductions the way many investors do. However we do want referrals and accept them from our startups and teams.

Yes. We often have startups that graduated from other top accelerators (YCombinator, Techstars, 500 Startups etc.) that are coming to us because they feel they didn’t learn or focus enough on fundraising in their prior program, or simply they want to access more investors for a later stage round.

Unlike many accelerators, we are equity-free up-front and utilize a tuition model and or negotiate a warrant to invest at a future date during your program or post-graduation.

We believe this is the friendliest model to founders. You aren’t diluting equity up-front and we build a partnership first before we invest – and regardless of whether we invest or not you will get an offer from our network and are guaranteed investor meetings.

5% of your company doesn’t sound like a lot but as experienced founders know, keeping as much equity early in the money-raising process means more control and the higher windfall from being bought out or an IPO.

Along with connecting you to our investors and helping you build a fundraising plan, we have a fund to invest in the top graduates and we have over 50 partners that co-invest as well.

The goal of our cohort structure is to work together to succeed, but it’s also to motivate you to compete with each other over who grows the most throughout the program.

Remember, being the biggest and baddest doesn’t always equal investment. Grit does. When we invest, our investment depends on the stage and valuation of the company at the end of the program.

We are the only program that is specifically tailored to funding your startup while being equity-free.

Other programs that operate on a tuition model focus on building an MVP for getting off the ground.

These include: Wharton’s Entrepreneur Accelerator ($2,600+), Draper University ($12,000+), and Founder Institute ($999 + 4% equity).

We’re proud to offer a full accelerator that is equity-free led by a world-renowned team of “real entrepreneurs”- not just consultants.

We’re here to help you accelerate your growth to reach your funding goals, needs, and help connect you to investors to close more funding (i.e. we help you accelerate what you have). If you don’t have a track record or the network to raise millions in investment, but you have traction already, then yes, our accelerator will help you.
Yes. If you’ve applied before and didn’t get in, or didn’t receive a scholarship, we strongly encourage you to apply again. Having made progress since your last application is a strong signal to us that you’re ready for a startup accelerator.

Each program and cohort operates on a custom model. If you receive a term sheet and membership agreement, it will go over in depth. You can view our general Tuition Refund and Program Guarantee policy here.