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A New Opportunity

Everyone can now invest in startups, pre-IPO companies, real estate, and REITs

Invest With The Crowd

Invest in companies you believe in alongside experienced investors, venture capitalists, angels and accelerators

Diversify Your Portfolio

Build and manage a diverse portfolio across multiple investment types and platforms starting as low as $100

Experience a new type of marketplace

Choose from early to late stage investment opportunities and multiple investment types
Small Business
Early Stage Startups
Pre-IPO Companies
Blockchain Technology
Real Estate & REITs

Frequently Asked Questions


What will this cost me?

Newchip does not charge users to search for investments on its platform.


Is Newchip conducting the actual offering?

Newchip shows deals from early stage startups conducting Reg CF and Reg A+ offerings. These are high risk and illiquid investments with a longer holding period.


What kind of offerings does Newchip provide?

Newchip aggregates deals from originating platforms to give investors access to many crowdinvesting deals. Newchip does not hold, offer, or endorse any security.


Why Newchip?

Newchip offers a view into the whole crowdinvesting space. The fundraising platforms only show their available investments. Newchip allows investors to see a wide range of Reg CF and Reg A+ investments.

Take Control of Your Financial Future


Investment Risk

Never invest more than you can afford to lose.



Build a diverse portfolio across industries and sectors



Plan for long term returns rather than short term liquidity.