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We designed the Newchip Incubator (“Ignite”) to bring your new venture from 0 to 1 through the learning, support, and mentorship that develops around strong accelerator programs available to anyone.

Ignite integrates core components common to early-stage ventures, preparing you to join an accelerator and fundraise with investors. 

Apply to join Ignite and level-up your venture now.

Program benefits

6-Week Immersive Program

6 weeks of immersive training on how to validate your idea, build traction in the market, and understand the fundamentals of investor relations.

100% Equity-Free

Retain full ownership and control of your company.

True Flexibility

Similar to an Executive MBA, the Newchip Incubator allows you to continue working full-time while in the program.

Advisors & Mentors

Our Advisors & Mentors represent the top 3% of entrepreneurs – IPOs, millions raised, M&A – they’ve done it all.

Community Access

Take advantage of our CEO Alumni Network forever.

Group Accountability

Group Mastermind Sessions with a handpicked cohort to hold you accountable and polish your go-to-market strategy.

Discounts & Credits

6-figure value for the software and services to get your business off the ground including HubSpot, Divvy, Google, and more.

Fund Access

Opportunity to receive pre-seed capital from our General Partners.

Accelerator Guarantee

Prioritized access to the Newchip Accelerator, which includes a guaranteed term sheet.

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Program Focus:

  • MVP Design & Go-to-Market
  • Raising Funding to Build MVP
  • Generating Initial Traction

Program Length:

  • Self-Paced Program

Program Includes:

  • 30+ Hours of Online Modules
  • Pre-Accelerator Community
  • Startup Legal Templates
  • Incorporation Assistance
  • Partner Discounts & Resources
  • Monthly Workshop Access

program CurriculUM

  1. What problem are you trying to solve?
  2. How big is the market impacted by this problem?
  3. How much do you know about the industry you’re trying to go to market in?
  1. How to Properly Evaluate Your Total Addresable Market
  2. Building a Robust Competitive Analysis
  3. Leveraging Market Data to Determine Product Viability
  1. Building a List of Prospective Customers
  2. Developing an Ideal Buyer Persona
  3. Creating a Customer Journey Map
  1. Finding a Cofounder
  2. Developing Communication Frameworks
  3. Recruiting Your First Employees
  1. Determining Business Goals & Objectives
  2. Understanding OKRs, KPIs and Why They Matter to Investors
  3. Framework for Product Development
  1. What Early-Stage Investors Look For
  2. How to Get Investor-Ready FAST
  3. Introduction to Investor Relations

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Meet Our Startups

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“I have never seen an accelerator program that provides so much value and support as much as Newchip. We couldn’t be happier and honored. Thank you to the entire team of Newchip! So much knowledge! Again thank you!”
NADIA ASEEVAFounder, Affoodable
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“We've received massive support, personalized attention and guidance from industry leaders. They truly deliver on what they promise in the world of helping startups grow."
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“As a female founder, we have some barriers to entry. Having the support of the Newchip founders and directors was a great confidence booster, and going into those meetings with confidence has made all the difference. Newchip Connect has also helped us fill the calendar with meetings with investors.”
PIPER COCHRANEFounder, Organic Candy Company
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“Newchip changed things for me, because now I have too many investors that I’m speaking with. I’m still trying to decide which ones are the highest potential. I’m in 2nd and 3rd phone conversations with quite a few investors out there. It’s taking up a ton of my time every day which is great, and I’m very grateful.”
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“Before Newchip, I really didn’t have too much knowledge about how to fundraise. Newchip was very educational for me, as far as showing how to set-up my business on a foundational level to accept funding. I learned how to ‘move differently’, and station my business so that investors would appreciate what I have. My pitch deck was very basic when I joined the Accelerator, but when I graduated it was so much more detailed, and I’ve seen success from that. I formed a very strong relationship with the attorney that has helped me along the way, and I would not have even reached out to that attorney if I hadn’t learned the importance of having a legal partner to navigate certain situations."
BRUCE DUGANCEO, Inicia Incorporated
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“The thing that I have found in Newchip that I never had, despite all my years of being an entrepreneur, is that raising money is an art form. It’s a process, and what Newchip did is it taught me a lot of stuff that I didn’t actually know. Newchip packaged it in a way, and put together a sequence of events that was new to me. Being a process-oriented guy, that’s what I really liked about it. It followed a pipeline that I could run my project through, and I would know where to stop and start to keep moving forward. The people I dealt with were extremely knowledgeable about the things they were knowledgeable about."
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“They are knowledgeable in all the aspects of starting a business and getting investor funding, they helped me and my partners refine our pitch deck to eventually lock down our first investor commit. They are straight shooters and if they don’t know an answer, which is rare, they will tell you and direct to a person who can help. Thanks for all your help!”
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“The Newchip Accelerator focused on fundraising from day one, with most of my one-on-one sessions dedicated to techniques and how to prepare my company to raise capital. All the lessons, tools, and resources in the program, especially the financial modeling templates were fantastic. They also helped me rebuild my pitch deck, which I regularly send to investors, and the feedback has been excellent!”
MICHAEL JARMANCo-Founder & CEO, Turbo Pass
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“I can’t recommend Newchip’s Accelerator program enough! When we started with them, our message around raising capital was not clear and we were getting in our own way! They helped us understand the ‘game’ of raising capital, especially for SaaS Fintech startups like us. I’ve taken tremendous resources from Newchip and their team and some of their investment connections, and they continue to help us well after the program ended. Plus, I had a great group of CEOs who were part of the Mastermind with whom I still stay in touch. We’ve also managed to kick off a successful equity crowdfunding raise on a top platform with Newchip’s help!”
RICK MEDLENCo-Founder & CEO, Garageskins
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“Not only did the Newchip Accelerator program teach me things I’d never learn in the real world about how investors think and how to deal with them on an even playing field, but they pushed, prodded, and pulled us into being truly investment-ready. Big hats off to this team for seeing the massive void that exists between investors and great opportunities, and stepping in to fill that void. Their connections are already paying off big and we are well on our way to completing our $1M Seed round.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Newchip launched a similar program in 2019, but as the Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A Programs became more competitive the company chose to focus on supporting the growth of those programs. As we seek to expand our offerings a logical place to start was with very early-stage founders.

The vast majority will not raise money within the six week time frame, however, even for later stage ventures, the cap raise process can take anywhere from 6 to 18 months or longer depending on the size of the round and the complexity involved in the offering. What this program will do is help you validate your idea, develop a blueprint for an MVP, and build a roadmap to achieve traction, all of which are requirements for 99.9% of investors.

Our Partnership Program is comprised of many of today’s leading companies including Brex, Google, Hubspot and more. Our agreement allows us to offer extremely discounted services to our Cohort participants in the form of credits and discount codes.

Absolutely! Most companies emerge from a single person who in turn brings in other trusted advisors and talent to help build on their idea.

It’s important for the founding team to have the skills to build their product themselves, rather than outsourcing it to someone else. For most businesses, that usually means you need a technical co-founder. However, in some businesses and locations, this just isn’t possible. For these companies, we recommend outsourcing until you can bring it in-house and we’ll teach you how to do it the right way, both effectively and affordably.

This program is meant to be a stepping stone into another accelerator program, including Newchip’s Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A Program, or depending on how your company progresses, potentially being Investor Ready(™).

Newchip is stage and industry agnostic with only a few exceptions. To date, we’ve worked with over 2,000 startups from more than 107 countries.