Newchip Investments: October 2022

It’s official! The Newchip Accelerator team and our fund at Journey Venture Partners chose 9 investments for our October 2022 Investment Batch.

With hundreds of Accelerator alumni and active cohort companies it was a tough decision to pick just 9 for this investment batch. That being said, these start-ups exemplify the forward-thinking innovation we love to support and comprise top startups that we recommend both customers and investors monitor in 2023. 

From our Founder and CEO Andrew Ryan: “These founders are generating considerable interest from investors and partners as they scale and grow, while solving real-world problems.” 

We wouldn’t have been able to source and vet these deals if not for our analysts, associates, and Venture Partners: Cassidy Szarnicki, Joseph Liu, and Laurie Cercone.

Our team put in hundreds of hours, working with hundreds of startups to find those that are tackling challenges that affect the world.

These companies represent the best of the best of our accelerator program, learn about them, what makes them successful, and buy their product:

  • Joule Case (Series A) – is a mini-battery powerhouse designed for a home all the way to the biggest festivals like EDC. In their own words, “Meet the world’s best battery system: Joule Case. Scalable, portable, eco-friendly, silent, clean, award-winning power solution. Power anything, anywhere.” Joule Case is an alumnus from the Newchip Accelerator. Joule Case has already made significant inroads into the festival and concert scene providing flexible and reliable power for the largest events. The company’s valuation has increased 2.5x in a year off this traction, and there are many more segments for Joule Case to target.
  • SuperPhone (Series A) – was founded by producer and singer, Ryan Leslie, SuperPhone is a mobile messaging platform built for brands, e-commerce, artists and entertainers, coaches and consultants, and organizations to increase engagement, drive revenue, and build better relationships. Despite the effects of the pandemic, SuperPhone continued to grow by over 50% YoY. They are backed by Ben Horowitz, Bessemer Venture Partners, Alumni Ventures, and among others.
  • 8 Myles (Seed) – your favorite comfort food: Mac n’ Cheese, using clean ingredients without sacrificing flavor. You can find them at Target, Whole Foods, and Sprouts. In an already saturated market, the biggest differentiator 8 Myles has can only be tasted yourself. It has the power to bring you back to a time of comfort and eating a home cooked meal. They have grown 300% in the last year, and are also backed by Andreessen Horowitz.
  • Fyncr (Series A) – helps manage all your credit card bills in one place, getting additional rewards from over 500+ merchant partners, with over 40,000+ users. When deciding which credit card to apply for, consumers prefer high yield cash back returns and points. What if you could get 5x the amount of rewards of your current credit cards by paying all your bills via a singular platform? Fyncr provides this. Now you can shop and save more from even more merchants.
  • Vitality Rx (Series A) – subscription health and wellness platform specializing in men’s health, from the comfort of their home. Vitality Rx provides a concierge service to provide its target customer with a personalized and holistic experience rather than offering the most commonly prescribed medication for a symptom. With its personalized approach, Vitality Rx focuses on getting to the root of the issue. The company has made some key partnerships to expand its subscriber base, and its model offers a strong lifetime value for each of the customers that comes on board.
  • Watershed Therapeutics (Seed) – has developed a variant of an existing treatment for recurrent urinary tract infections that allows for greater efficacy while removing complications. So Watershed took something that already worked and made it better and safer, and it is an outpatient treatment. Recurrent UTI costs Medicare $6B and private insurers $2B annually, so this represents an immense market opportunity while also improving lives. The product has the support of prominent urologists.
  • Urban Aeronautics (Series A) – is redefining urban mobility in an eco-friendly way, compact, the size of an SUV, featuring CityHawk Air Taxi: access the city in a whole new way, and CityHawk EMS: which will save time and lives. Flying cars means less time in traffic and getting from point A to point B faster, since it is “as the crow flies.” Urban Aeronautics has a working prototype. The real difference maker is The CityHawk EMS which will save more lives and is eco-friendly, making this a game changer for mobile innovation.
  • MO Technologies (Series A) – is democratizing credit issuing by providing an end-to-end credit tech infrastructure, using AI/ML to improve financial decisions and management, with over 500,000+ accounts serviced. This is a Latinx, female-founded team based out of Colombia that understands everything about their industry, company, and target customer. Their core product is so impactful to the communities in which they serve.
  • Reuben Oliver (Pre-Seed) – makes sustainable luxury wear, which can be found in all high-end stores including Bergdorf Goodman, Revolve, Fred Siegel, Nordstrom, and Kith. You might ask yourself who wants to wear knitwear? This sustainable piece of clothing is ultra-soft, luxurious, and worn by all your favorite professional athletes and celebrities, including Mark Zuckerberg and his wife! Check his Instagram. As an early entrant, Reuben Oliver has strongly positioned themselves to lead in this category. It has strong retail partnerships, margins, and repeat customer base.

These companies form the tip of the iceberg of what the Newchip Accelerator has in its current cohorts and alumni network. We’ve grown to expand to 120+ countries in 2022 and plan to hit 150 by the end of 2023.

We look forward to the next batch of promising companies to invest in. If you’re interested in being one of them, you can apply here to our accelerator programs. Our programs are global and remote for Pre-Seed through Series A startups.



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