Cloud-Based SaaS Solution IT Service & Computer Repair Company Raises $1.3 Million for Cybersecurity

The team at rThreat bears years of development and field experience. After spending some time in the development stage, rThreat identified the need for effective evaluation against possible cyber attacks and security breaches with zero-day artifacts. As a result, rThreat was born. 

Yet, the challenge still remained: perfecting and streamlining the service, and making it easily accessible. 

rThreat began to search for solutions to these obstacles and ultimately landed on the expert services of Newchip. “Newchip has been phenomenal day and night. We learned so much about strategy, growth, and plans. We’ve been learning every day, it’s been phenomenal,” said Sanchez. 

rThreat was able to raise $1.3 Million on a pre-seed round with Newchip, as a means to improve the cybersecurity and cyber solutions of an array of businesses, organizations, and institutions. 

Sanchez goes on to say, “I did a little research on the founding team; the leadership is very good.”  Sanchez added this regarding rThreat’s success with Newchip: 

“I had very good feedback from investors and it helped me close some investments. 

The feedback on the cleanup of the pitch deck and the mastermind sessions were key.” Sanchez praised the collaborative environment of Newchip and added, “There’s a great model there.” 

When asked if he could highlight a key takeaway from his experience with Newchip, Sanchez replied, “Keeping the message concise in the simplest way was something that helped me.” 

Not only are Sanchez and his team at Newchip making strides to ensure strong cyber solutions, but they are also working with Newchip to perfect their service and make it accessible to more and more organizations and businesses.

About rThreat

rThreat is a Bellingham, Washington based breach and attack emulation platform that challenges businesses’ cyber defenses using real-world and custom threats in a secure environment. rThreat believes in the pragmatic measurement and evaluation of cybersecurity defenses and solutions necessary for safeguarding institutions, companies, and organizations from targeted attacks. rThreat utilizes artificial intelligence to evaluate cybersecurity solutions and defenses.

Lately, rThreat has been working with Newchip in order to make the provision of their innovative attack emulation platform an effective method for testing as well as an easily accessible service. CEO/Co-Founder of rThreat Hugo Sanchez had this to say: “I think one of the most valuable things we found on Newchip was the accuracy regarding different processes. They always had something that we could go back and reference before we made a decision. They stay up-to-date on what the industry is facing. It’s super helpful.” As a result of a great working relationship and practical yet innovative methods, rThreat has become a success story.

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Armando Vera Carvajal

Armando Vera Carvajal

Armando Vera Carvajal is the Vice President of Product for Newchip, the largest global online accelerator focused on helping startups raise capital from professional investors. As one of the original product founders and pioneers, Armando is passionate about building new products with high potential for global reach and impact. Prior to Newchip, he was as a Research Manager at the Gerson Lehrman Group where he covered hedge fund clients in New York City involved in long/short, distressed credit, special situations, activist, and global macro investment strategies. Armando studied international relations and corporate communications at the University of Texas at Austin, along with global exchanges at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and at l’Institut d'études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po). Born in Mexico City, Armando immigrated to the United States of America when he was four years old and grew up in McAllen, Texas. His interests include painting, mountaineering, writing, film, world travel, kayaking, photography, reading, black coffee, running, and inspiring people to become agents of positive global change.

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