Digital Personal Effectiveness Platform Raises $925,000 for Users to Continue to Enhance Daily Efficiency

Slater saw an issue in providing the public with a book rather than a service that can effectuate the idea of workers struggling to feel effective and accomplished. 

The core of what prompted Slater and Tubbs to create such a beneficial platform lay within their research; studies and interviews had proven that so many people felt ineffective and incomplete regarding their daily duties and responsibilities.

Slater was quoted as saying, “I love writing books, but let’s be honest: a lot of them get left on people’s shelves and very few of them lead to any meaningful change. This is an issue affecting millions, probably billions of people, and all we could do is pontificate about it? That seemed wrong.” 

The result was Billion Minds, a platform where employees can self-improve and become more effective at their daily tasks and responsibilities. However, the other challenge at hand was getting this selfless, wonderful idea off the ground. In time, Billion Minds and Newchip would meet—and be able to provide employees with everything that Slater and Tubbs had dreamed of. 

With the mastermind sessions, pitches, demo week, and collaboration made possible with the services of Newchip, Billion Minds has been able to raise over $925,000. 

With these funds, the two friends have made their dream of helping others a reality and launched the Billion Minds platform. Regarding the value of Newchip, Slater went on to say, “It’s been a learning experience for us. We came into this with a set of skills that, as Ryan says, has been honed through years of immersion in the corporate landscape. 

So it’s almost as much as learning what to unlearn, and learning new skills as well.” Slater continues: 

“Having the flexibility as to how we consumed the curriculum—and who we worked with and when—was really, really helpful to allow us to meet the demands and the natural rhythm of our business, and weave Newchip into it.”

When Tubbs was asked about the effect that Newchip had on him, he replied, “We’ve learned to shed our corporate skin. I think for us it was humility and the fact that we need to develop a new set of skills. 

So, we really valued getting educated and learning from those entrepreneurs that have come before us. So I would say, personally, that it was a humbling experience.” We are proud to see two people that genuinely care and are passionate about wellness make the leap toward being providers of the tools people need: to accomplish their goals and do so effectively. We look forward to seeing what’s next for Paul, Ryan, and their amazing team at Billion Minds!

About Billion Minds

Billion Minds is a remotely-operated, behavioral science-based, digital personal effectiveness platform. This service is designed to help employees thrive in an always-on, unstructured, and ambiguous work/life environment. After conducting a massive series of interviews, technologist Paul Slater and his colleague, Ryan Tubbs, found that over 90% of the people whom they’d spoken with had deep frustrations regarding their day-to-day effectiveness at work and at home. 

What began as a passion project—initially designed to be a book—soon evolved into a vision of making a billion people start every day with purpose and end it with accomplishment.

As of late, Billion Minds has worked hand-in-hand with Newchip to effectuate Slater and Tubb’s dream of providing workers with all they need to be more effective, efficient, and successful in their daily duties, practices, and activities. This personal effectiveness platform allows users to learn and grow at their own pace. The software platform nudges users towards personally effective behaviors, followed by structured learning that helps employees master effective habits. These habits are continuously reinforced by human coaches through support and accountability.

But Billion Minds had to start somewhere. With the help of the masterminds at Newchip, CEO & CoFounder Paul Slater and COO & CoFounder Ryan Tubbs have been able to successfully craft and offer a platform that has benefitted numerous employees, as is evident in their testimonials of the platform. One thing was for sure: such an effective, helpful, and innovative service deserved the help of another that encompassed all three of those totems. That service was Newchip, and the results have been astronomical.

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Armando Vera Carvajal

Armando Vera Carvajal

Armando Vera Carvajal is a Vice President at Newchip, the largest global online accelerator focused on helping startups raise capital from professional investors. As one of the original product founders and pioneers, Armando is passionate about building new products with high potential for global reach and impact. Prior to Newchip, he was as a Research Manager at the Gerson Lehrman Group where he covered hedge fund clients in New York City involved in long/short, distressed credit, special situations, activist, and global macro investment strategies. Armando studied international relations and corporate communications at the University of Texas at Austin, along with global exchanges at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and at l’Institut d'études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po). Born in Mexico City, Armando immigrated to the United States of America when he was four years old and grew up in McAllen, Texas. His interests include painting, mountaineering, writing, film, world travel, kayaking, photography, reading, black coffee, running, and inspiring people to become agents of positive global change.

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