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Newchip, the leading investment marketplace for startups and private equity, has been ranked among the top accelerator and venture capital funded companies in the world by Crunchbase. Read more
Newchip is announcing today that its marketplace has exceeded 50,000 individual users, and the company has closed its $2 million seed funding round. Read more
Newchip, a marketplace that is reinventing the way everyday Americans invest, is climbing the charts this month. It made Apple's Top 100 Finance apps list, is currently ranked #1 for startup investing, and is in the top 10 for fundraising and stock market investing. Read more
Everyone defines success differently. Some professionals want to help guide their company to large revenues, while others look to meet — and surpass — personal goals. But, one thing rings true for all: It feels like it takes more work to get to where you want to go than it used to. Read more
Newchip, the #1 startup investment app on the app store, is announcing the web launch of its new marketplace platform for business and startup funding. Featuring 800+ companies and real estate deals, the Newchip marketplace aggregates investment opportunities from a wide range of crowdfunding platforms into an easy-to-use investment and portfolio management marketplace. Read more
If you have read any of the articles I’ve written for GOD TV, you know that I absolutely love startups, new technology and entrepreneurship. I believe that Christians possess a unique advantage over all other entrepreneurs and startup founders, and that is the power of God. Obstacles, challenges, and problems, that all entrepreneurs face can be met head on and overcome with God as our business partner. I’m not saying it will be easy. Nothing comes easy in life. But if we, as Christians, have revelation of the power of Christ within us we can change the world and our future is limitless. Read more
A startup is a unique type of company, designed to disrupt, grow and ultimately achieve industry dominance via their unique ability to solve a specific problem. Startups generally receive funding in several rounds from angel investors, venture capitalists and, in many cases, an initial public offering or IPO. Read more
Travis is the co-founder and CTO of Newchip. And if you guys remember we’ve had Ryan Rafols on the show who is the other co-founder of Newchip. He believes crowdfunding is the future of investing and that millennials will lead the impending economic revolution. Read more
Newchip, the leading investment marketplace aggregator for direct public offerings (DPOs), is pleased to announce that G-Startup Worldwide has named Newchip in the Top 50 Innovative Startups for 2017. The G-Startup Competition in Silicon Valley received over 1,000 applications from 67 countries and selected Newchip based on traction, team, product, and industry. Read more
Distinguished FinTech and crowdfunding expert Judd Hollas has signed on as Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Newchip, an emerging online investment marketplace likened to “the Shark Tank for Everyday Americans”, the “Tinder for Investing”, and the “Kayak of Investment Platforms.” Read more
Peter Thiel, notable by way of PayPal, Founders Fund, and Zero to One, if you’re not familiar, noted once that, “a great company is a conspiracy to change the world.” Read more
The broker’s online offshoot is providing education for millennials. NewChip tries to hook up investors with startups and borrowers. Read more
Crowdfunding is booming in America, thanks to JOBS Act and Title 3. But it isn’t booming fast enough, and there is a lot of room to grow. For instance, barely one-third of all Millennials invest. Read more
The 2017 Finovate Conference showcased some of the best and most advanced innovations in financial technology.
Over 1,600 representatives of financial institutions, investors, industry analysts and reporters convened at the Spring 2017 Finovate Conference on April 26 in San Jose. With events in Asia, Europe, and the East and West Coasts, Finovate conferences showcase cutting-edge banking and financial technology in a unique, short-form, demo-only format. Read more
NewChip – You Can Be a Venture Capitalist.
Dreaming of becoming an angel investor, but short on cash? NewChip might be for you. This startup is out to democratize startup investing. Using an equity crowdfunding approach, you can invest in startups according to your interest, values and beliefs. Read more
There’s been a lot of talk about investor education in crowdfunding deals, so I thought I’d take a couple moments to write about what I look for when investing. Read more
Victoria Silchenko called out crowdfunding industry professionals earlier this year for not having invested in crowdfunding companies themselves. So, in that same spirit, I’m opening up my crowdfunding portfolio. Before I disclose, I’m going to say that I am NOT a financial advisor or any... Read more
The first wave of presenters for FinovateSpring 2017 will be gracing the stage at the San Jose Convention Centre April 26th and 27th. Read more
Travis Brodeen's non-traditional career path began in the e-commerce arena with, when the dot-com sector was beginning to materialize as a market. A business foray next took Travis to Microsoft certified partner, KORE, where the then-19-year-old helped bring the majority of Los Angeles record labels into the digital age. Read more
Some people are just born to live in the entrepreneurship space. Former 3 Day Startup participant Ryan Rafols is doing one better and making a difference in the space itself. We sat down and spoke with him about his path as an entrepreneur and his new company, Newchip, and what it meant for the future of the investment landscape. Read more
Since Title II of the JOBS Act went into effect September 23, 2013, crowdfunding has been gaining traction. With investors becoming increasingly more comfortable with new Fintech platforms, the amount of money invested in crowdfunding in the Americas jumped from $11.4 billion in 2014 to $36.49 billion in 2015 — and Technavio market research analysts predict the overall industry will grow at a compounded average annual rate of 27% through 2020. Read more
Investing in startups used to be reserved for the experts on Shark Tank, and big business people who have lots of funds behind them. I don’t know about you, but there are a ton of deals that I see on that show and think, “Hey, I’d like to invest in that company.” Now you can – meet Newchip. Read more
Ryan is the founder and CEO of Newchip, a FinTech startup reinventing the financial landscape to bring exciting investment opportunities in emerging companies to small investors, new investors and millennials. He created Newchip as a way to make wealth and investing more accessible to the masses, while also specifically targeting people his own age – millennials. Read more
This past week, I had the pleasure of interviewing millennial CEO, Ryan Rafols. Ryan wants 2017 to be the year investing is forever changed by helping new investors own a piece of startups they believe in and are passionate about. Read more
A lot has been said about why equity crowdfunding for non-accredited investors hasn’t caught on. “It’s off to a relatively slow start,” said Dr. Richard Swart, CFO of NextGen Crowdfunding. “It’s actually a slower start than those of us in the industry expected it to grow. Read more