We believe in entrepreneurs.

We Help Them Succeed.

Providing founders with all of the tools and skills necessary to fund, build, and scale. 

We believe in entrepreneurs.


Providing founders with all of the tools and skills necessary to fund, build, scale, and eventually exit their startups.

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Our Programs

Bootcamp &

Prototype, MVP, & Market Fit

Up to $50k+


Generate Traction & Revenue


Seed & Series A Accelerator

Scale Traction & Revenue


Program Benefits

Equity-Free Programs

Unlike accelerators that require you to give up 5-10% of your startup, we’re 100% equity-free, making us an extremely founder friendly accelerator.

Online & Remote Program

Regardless of where you are in the world, you can participate in the Newchip Accelerator. We require no relocation and run our program entirely online.

Startup to Exit Roadmap

Develop your startup and fundraising roadmap with our expert mentors and connect with our global community of founders, angel investors, and venture capitalists.

Application Process

Application & Interview

Application Review:

Once you submit your application, our team will email you within 3-5 business days on whether you’ve been selected for interview.

Founder Interview:

Once approved, we’ll email you a link to schedule an interview. Please note that interview space is limited so we recommend booking as soon as possible. 

Evaluation & Selection

Admissions Review:

Our team will complete an initial due diligence evaluation to determine your suitability for our program and present to our selection committee.

Acceptance/Denial Notification:

You will be notified of our decision to accept or deny your application within 24 hours of our committee vote. If accepted, your seat will remain open until the cohort fills up.

Process & Timeline

Cohort applications are due no later than the 15th unless you request an extension. We recommend applying 30 days prior to each cohort launch.

Investment Timeline:

When we commit to a round, we expect to complete our due diligence and complete our investment process within 90 days of term sheet issuance.


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“As a female founder, we have some barriers to entry. Having the support of the Newchip founders and directors was a great confidence booster, and going into those meetings with confidence has made all the difference. Newchip Connect has also helped us fill the calendar with meetings with investors.”

Sloan Foster

CEO, Autothink

Sloan Foster

“Newchip changed things for me, because now I have too many investors that I’m speaking with. I’m still trying to decide which ones are the highest potential. I’m in 2nd and 3rd phone conversations with quite a few investors out there. It’s taking up a ton of my time every day which is great, and I’m very grateful.”

Piper Cochrane

Founder, Organic Candy Factory

“Before Newchip, I really didn’t have too much knowledge about how to fundraise. Newchip was very educational for me, as far as showing how to set-up my business on a foundational level to accept funding. I learned how to ‘move differently’, and station my business so that investors would appreciate what I have. My pitch deck was very basic when I joined the Accelerator, but when I graduated it was so much more detailed, and I’ve seen success from that. I formed a very strong relationship with the attorney that has helped me along the way, and I would not have even reached out to that attorney if I hadn’t learned the importance of having a legal partner to navigate certain situations.”

Darion Burks

CEO, Solar Screen

“The thing that I have found in Newchip that I never had, despite all my years of being an entrepreneur, is that raising money is an art form. It’s a process, and what Newchip did is it taught me a lot of stuff that I didn’t actually know. Newchip packaged it in a way, and put together a sequence of events that was new to me. Being a process-oriented guy, that’s what I really liked about it. It followed a pipeline that I could run my project through, and I would know where to stop and start to keep moving forward. The people I dealt with were extremely knowledgeable about the things they were knowledgeable about.”

Bruce Dugan

CEO, Inicia Incorporated

“They are knowledgeable in all the aspects of starting a business and getting investor funding, they helped me and my partners refine our pitch deck to eventually lock down our first investor commit. They are straight shooters and if they don’t know an answer, which is rare, they will tell you and direct to a person who can help. Thanks for all your help!”

Drew Pasler

COO, Sampoll

“The Newchip Accelerator focused on fundraising from day one, with most of my one-on-one sessions dedicated to techniques and how to prepare my company to raise capital.  All the lessons, tools, and resources in the program, especially the financial modeling templates were fantastic. They also helped me rebuild my pitch deck, which I regularly send to investors, and the feedback has been excellent!”

Jayanthi Narasimhan

CEO, WatchRX

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